Hay Sale!

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HAY SALE! Greg has too much alfalfa. New hays are coming in, so…..2014 barn stored Fort Jones Alfalfa            $ 14.99 a bale.  While supplies last.

Horses’ Honor needs some help…

horses honor picOn April 21, Nina Thompson – President and primary horse care provider to the 24 equine residents of Horses’ Honor – is having reconstructive knee surgery. The organization needs to procure reliable daily assistance during the period of her recovery, specifically to monitor the horses, feed (individualized diets), operate the water pump and irrigation system, and assist with vet and farrier calls. Nina’s husband Eric Thompson, an experienced horseman, has always served as her back-up and assistant. However, he is about to begin a long-term construction project which will require being out of town during the week. Throughout its history, Horses’ Honor has been a 100% volunteer organization. However, most of the volunteers do not live in close proximity to the sanctuary; they provide support to other areas of operation, such as accounting, special events, newsletter, promotion, etc. Based on recovery estimates and daily on-site requirements, we’ll need to provide additional short-term assistance as follows: 25 hours per week for 24 weeks. At $20/hour, the cost will total $12,000. The 24 residents of Horses’ Honor are primarily elderly horses who have been rescued from neglect, abuse and/or abandonment. As such, they have individualized needs and receive specific care according to those needs, such as specialized feed, supplements, medical and farrier care. Experienced care is essential to ensure their continued welfare. To find out more about Horses’ Honor, please visit our web site:  http://horseshonor.org/ Click here to donate

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